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Robotic Pipe Lining (Ambient Control Equipment Diagram)
Clean and line complicated pipe geometry
Spray-In 6 ,24, and 72" Pipe
2 min. & 18 sec.
Typical Genesis Pipe Rehabilitation robotic pipe lining set up
Complicated Geometry
Lining video for 6 inch to 72 inch pipe
<------- Lining Video
Clean and install piping after welding
Mouse Over Numbers
Example: Potable or Fire Flow Distribution Lines
Post Welding
Typical Box Cut Requirement
Clean and Line new piping
Typical box cut requirment for pipe access
A minimum excavation area of (A),6 ft or 2m x (B),10 ft or 3.05 m is required to accomplish the cleaning and lining work. The depth (C),of the access pit should extend a minimum of 1.5 ft ,or 0.45 m below the bottom of the exposed host pipe. Note, the host pipe used for tool entry should extend a minimum of 15 inches into the pit area after cutting. Each work area should have approximately four inches of #57 stone aggregate installed for drainage, a well/drainage basin should be located in the lowest point of the work area. The outflow should be large enough to allow a 2-4 inch suction line connection for dewatering. 

New Construction
Clean and Line aged piping
Aged Piping
Clean and Line corrugated piping
Corrugated Piping